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Research Opportunity

Posted over 2 years ago by Nancy Manzo-Mattucci

Please consider helping a fellow MD school nurse and increasing scholarly research for school health practice.

My name is Irene Campbell. I am a School Nurse in a Maryland public school and also a graduate student in the Public Health program at Walden University. This letter is an invitation to participate in my study entitled "The Lived Experiences of School Nurses: Transitioning from Hospital or other Clinical Setting to School Based Practice."

• The purpose of this study is to explore the perceptions of registered nurses and their transition experience into school based practice. School nurses are essential to students' health, wellness, and school attendance.
• Participation is voluntary and the identity of the participants will be kept totally confidential.
• My study is considered a qualitative research study. This means that the participants will be asked to engage in an interview session for an hour or less.
• The dates and times of the interview will be determined based upon the availability of eligible participants.

Please contact Irene Campbell at or by phone at 240 583-9885 if you are interested in participating.
Thank you for your consideration, your time and effort is greatly appreciated


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