Maryland Association of School Health Nurses

Meet with legislators to take flavored tobacco off the market

Posted 9 months ago by Kristy Gorman

On behalf of the Faith and Community Against Flavored Tobacco Coalition:
The tobacco industry has long preyed on and targeted youth, especially youth of color, to addict with flavored products so that they'll have a source of life-long customers. The Maryland Legislature is considering a bill that would finally take flavored tobacco products off the market and protect young people.
Now, with the tobacco industry fighting hard to influence lawmakers in opposition to public health, we need your help. Register now to join our lobbying efforts.
We're holding virtual Lobby Meetings on March 8th and 9th with legislators to champion our efforts to take flavored tobacco off the market. Starting at 4:30 pm each day, we will join together with adults and students from across the state and break out into half-hour meetings to speak with key legislators. We'll then get the opportunity to urge lawmakers to put children's health above Tobacco Industry interests. Register to be part of this event.
We can't allow youth tobacco use to go unchecked any longer. Register now and help us ensure our legislators stand up for public health.